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Ever feel like your business is being seen and not heard? Maybe it’s time to try radio advertising.

Whether you are looking for on air or online advertising or a combination of both, we have a range of low-cost, flexible packages for every business. From two weeks to twelve months, you can choose the right campaign length to suit your business needs and budget, with quick turnarounds and generous discounts available for bulk bookings.

With access to a team of production experts, experienced copywriters and a range of voiceover artists, along with state of the art studio facilities, we can produce high quality media that sounds exceptional.

We have fair coverage across the City Centre, and we extend to villages in the immediate area. You are able to see our estimated coverage at full stereo, with no interference. There is a pending application to the regulator which will increase our transmit power in the immediate future.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Wrexham region coupled with a deep understanding of our local listernship, we’ll make sure we get your brand in front of the right people, getting you heard by an engaged, local audience right here in Wrexham.

Discover how your community radio station can help you build your reach and get results. Get in touch with the team at Calon FM today.

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We are the Station Managers, Allan & Arran. Let's talk! Email [email protected] or call now on 01978 540410.

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