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Wrexham Gathers to Support Ukraine

February 28th 2022, 11:38 am by Allan Longshadow

Wrexham residents gathered in Queen’s Square yesterday (27/03/2022) to show their solidarity and support for Ukraine.

The event was well attended buy the public, with speeches from local leaders and a wide range of participants representing Wrexham’s diverse community, demonstrating just how far-ranging the support for the troubled country is and showing that Wrexham is united against war.

Organiser Natasha Borton said:

“I organised the vigil because it is so easy to feel alone and powerless at times of crisis, but we are not alone, and we are never powerless when we come together as a community.”

The event took place against a backdrop of similar events taking place not just across the UK but across the world this weekend, that have seen millions unite in peaceful vigils against the ongoing conflict which has seen an unprecedented reaction not just from the public, but also from the world of politics and business.

Although the UK’s official stance on refugees currently remains unclear, Wrexham as a community has a proud history of embracing refugee families, and Sunday’s rally demonstrates that Wreham is ready and willing to do whatever it can to help victims of the war.

Our photographers Oliver Stephen (below) and Adam Crump (AC Creative) (above) were there to capture the event for Calon FM - here are some photos from the day.