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Wrexham DAB Ltd unveils plans to bring local digital radio to Wrexham

August 19th 2021, 12:14 pm by Arran Hodges

Wrexham DAB Ltd has today announced that it is to apply for the recently advertised small scale DAB multiplex for Wrexham. If successful, it will mean that Wrexham based Calon FM will be broadcast on digital radio for the first time.

Wrexham DAB is a consortium led by Ryan Davies, Ash Elford and Calon FM.

Amy Hughes, station manager of Calon FM says,

“ We're so excited that small scale DAB is coming to Wrexham and we see this as great opportunity for small local radio to be heard across the borough, providing a voice for the community and entertainment to listeners"
"DAB will see Calon FM make the jump to a digital platform for our listeners, and we're proud to be part of this application."

Ryan Davies, of Like Media Group says,

"For too long digital radio services in Wrexham have been either UK centric or too focused on South Wales. Wrexham DAB aims to address this through our partnership with Calon FM."

Ash Elford of UK DAB Networks says,

"Wrexham DAB has assembled a strong team and I'm really excited to be applying with Calon FM. Historically, Wrexham was the heart of local radio in North Wales, and now its time to ensure it has a place in the digital age."

That's great and stuff, but does this actually mean?

For you, it means that Calon FM will be future proofed, and will broadcast on DAB alongside FM. If you live in a spot that's been previously hard to get Calon FM on your radio, DAB will most likely have better coverage in your area.

DAB will also allow you to listen to us in a better sound quality than what is on offer using FM.